Moroccan Style Living Room

Arabic Seating is one of the most fascinating and fairy tale kind living idea. As a kid when I use to watch Indian TV Show Alif-Laila it makes me to love all artifacts around them. Those hukkas, artistic mirrors and all were dying for. Nowadays, in India so many restaurants are following Moroccan theme to give some new vibe to interior and its a pretty cool idea to give some Moroccan touch to your own living room.

Being under budget as always, keep lower seating, artistic coffee table, Moroccan lamps, pendant lamps, hukka etc. and mirror work in the living room will create a Moroccan vibe.

















Indian Baithak Ideas

As I told you in my previous post that how much I love Indian seating. Its eco-friendly, look chick and give a vintage look to your living room. I thought why not to share few inspirations which can help to decide how to restyle your living room with a rustic touch.

To create a traditional Indian living room under budget, you need few single mattresses, loads of colorful cushions, wooden center table, side table. ethnic curtains and few artistic pieces like big decorative mirror, lamp, big painting or big chest of drawers.





indian style seating

choki and window curtains awesome














Living Room Themes

Hello Everyone!!

So I am in the process of doing the interiors of my living room, but I was a bit confused while choosing the theme; it should be retro or just a color based theme or I go vintage so much confusion. Before talking let me tell you one thing that I am on a budget and don’t want to spend crazy money for lavish couch or decor. So I thought why not to include all themes in one single post to get an idea and make a decision. So in this post I am going to talk about all in budget living room themes which are doable and next coming posts will be about decor inspiration for each theme.

I hope it won’t even help me but so many other people who wants to do something out of the box for their living room but still wants to be in the budget.

Indian Baithak Ideas: In India most people move to stylish sofas and couches, but my heart still thinks about traditional Indian seating arrangements. Lower seating with loads of vibrant color cushions, wooden center table, few ethnic paintings, colorful curtains and few ethnic show pieces to complete the look.

low seating

Moroccan Style Living Room: If you are the one who loves to play with colors, than this theme is for you; tangerine, turquoise, red and pink, blue and yellow. Bright colors and traditional patterns, exquisite candle lanterns, runners and rugs, low tables these all pieces will come together and give you a vibrant feel of eastern atmosphere.


Modern Retro: Reborn 80s in your living with a vibrant retro theme; a basic couch with funky cushions and accessories are enough to bring that charm.


Play with Colors & Patterns: Dress up your plain white living room with colorful patterns and furniture.

mix instead of match the fabric

Vintage: Who said vintage means costly, just one or two vintage pieces like a big crafted mirror or vintage looking DIY table lamp or just a big rug can give your living room a vintage vibe.


Foolproof OOTD Ideas

Dressing up is always fun part, but when you are in a rush all fun suddenly disappears. My last post was about must have wardrobe essentials, so today I thought to talk about how to pair them up and get perfect OOTD.

nothing to wear

If you are the one who struggle while clubbing your tops and bottom wears then check out few cool outfit combo ideas which never go wrong.

Black & White:

black and white


In The Spotlight: Black & White

In The Spotlight: Black & White












A girl’s closet is full of different shades of colors and sometimes mix and match can be a task. So for days when you don’t have enough energy to deal with it lets go for classic black and white combo. Combination of black and white is timeless and you can wear it at any event. To add some colors you can try a colorful cross bag or scarf or a chunky necklace.

Crop top and High Waist Skirt or Jeans:

crop top n skirt1 crop top n skirt

Take high waist skirt of any type (pencil skirt/maxi skirt/skater skirt) and combine it with your crop top. Its perfect combo to rock all events, if you are not showing off too much midriff.

Stripes and Jeans:


This combo you can wear all year around. Stock up simple, basic striped tops and combine them with any jeans, trousers or even palazzo.

Blazer and Jeans/Shorts:

blazer blazer2



























Wear anything simple underneath and put a cute blazer with jeans to rock it.

Loose Top and Skinny Jeans:

loose top loose top1


































Take a loose top and pair it up with skinny jeans and you are ready to go. For more polished look wear button up shirt and tuck it inside or leave it out for more casual look.

Blazer and shorts

shorts shorts1 shorts2








































For a polished up street style look, the combination of shorts (distressed, cut offs, tomboy style, whatever) and a blazer is sure to get the job done. Obviously, you can wear anything you want underneath or you can leave it ‘blank’ for a sexier, more seductive look.

Little Black Dress:

lbd1 lbd2































A simple LBD can be worn day or night and dressed up or down as per the occasion. Changing jewelry or adding a few extra layers that what you need to create different looks for different occasion.

Tailored Pants and Blouse:


You can wear this combination from day to night. Pair your tailored pants with a silky blouse add a blazer or stoles for office look, for party add some bling and switch to heels.

Floral Dress:


These become new trend and must have for your wardrobe. Wear it with a leather jacket, or a blazer, or a denim jacket it goes well with everything. If you are not so much into floral you can try patterned or printed dresses instead.

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Must have Wardrobe Essentials

We ladies use to face situation day to day life, where we have wardrobe full of clothes but still nothing to wear.

wardrobe essentials













If you are the one who the face same situation than fill your closet with below given essentials and you will never again ask, “What should I wear?”

White Top:


A white crop top, lace top, regular white tee whatever is your choice but its must have. Hang it with your pair of denims or style them with chick short or maxi skirt, it goes well with everything.

Striped T-shirt:

Striped tshirt

A loose one with a boat neck is what I prefer. Style it with everything from party skirt to fitting jeans to floral, Aztec prints or other stripes prints. It compliments each and every style.

A pair of Black Pants:

black pants














Every girl needs a pair of black pants, buy slim fit or lose one, high waist or low rise its all up to you. Wear them with a silk blouse and pumps for work or with a tee to rock the weekend.

An Elegant Blazer:

black blazer













Yes, it’s great outfit to go well with your office formals and you can even wear it with your cocktail dress.

A White Shirt:

white shirt

Finding perfect white shirt is a task trust me on that, but it really worth it. To choose perfect white shirt keep one advice in mind, go with popover one if your chest is on the larger side or buy one with more detailing on the front to make small chest look bigger.


dark denim


















Buy denims in dark colors because they work for a wide range of events.

Little Black Dress:

















It’s like a blank canvas for accessorizing and styling yet completely chic on its own way.

Slip on Sneakers:

slip on sneakers

They add extra oomph to your outfit and very comfortable to walk extra miles. You can style them with skirts, denims and even with casual dresses.

Ballet Flats:

ballet flats














They are chic and comfortable, pair them up with your regular jeans or with a cocktail dress. They go well with all and your dress and feet both will thank you.

Classic Pumps:

classic pumps










Flats made major hit this year, but still heels are strong must-have. Buy in basic black or n*de and rock from office to party.

Bright Cross Body Bag:

cross body bag

It’s for the days when your tote is too big and clutch is too small, a cross-body bag is just right.

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